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  • Our company participate in Bauma Exhibition in Nov. 2016

    As a worldwide industry exhibition that is most influential in the Asia-pacific Region, Shanghai Bauma Exhibition,
  • Our company has developed and designed 75 tons hydraulic winch&#

    Our R & D design of 75 tons hydraulic winch has been successfully out of style, welcome customers to come to consult and negotiate.
  • Malaysia customer customized products successfully signed into productio

    Malaysia customers request customized hydraulic winches, rotary reducer, hydraulic winch products, successfully
  • Big News------We have obtained six patents

    Our company is a high-tech company specializing in hydraulic transmission field.So far we have 6 Proprietary product patents
  • YS "private custom" special equipment of hydraulic winch is&

    YS "private custom" special equipment of hydraulic winch is in hot sales. Aim to refit and assemble hydraulic winches on special equipment for petroleum
  • Hydraulic winch

    A hydraulic winch operates off of the hydraulic system of a vehicle, in most cases, the power steering pump.
  • Attention for using small winches

    The small winch should be checked the quality of the lubricating oil in the gas motor regularly when using,
  • How do I choose the best winch mounting kit

    You can choose the best winch mounting kit by ensuring that you choose a mounting kit that attaches to the vehicle's frame.
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  • —   After-sale Department  —
    All the sold product are processed 、managed and controled by after-sale department.
    —  Work Purpose   —
    Customer purchase of our products is only the beginning of after sale work. At the whole stage of the customer's use of our products, all the after-sale staff will be patient to serve you.........
    —  Service Power  —
    We have more than 20 experienced engineers. Every year, according to training plan,we send out after-sale staff to the manufacturers to receive professional technical training and exchange technical experience.。
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